Eat !

When dining in Japan, you may hear people say "itadakimasu" and "gochisosama."

These phrases are to express our gratitude for the earth's blessings.

Japanese food culture values ​​the efforts of the people who make food and the appreciation of the natural resources that make it possible.

So, saying the words is a way to respect these values and to feel the spirit of the Japanese through food.

The food items are cooked with ingredients all produced in Japan and carefully selected by our chef.

Some food items are occasionally subject to change.

All images are for illustration purposes only.

At TOHAKU CHAKAN, we offer meals made with organic ingredients and carefully selected materials from all over Japan.

We also delicately selected tableware, such as traditional Japanese lacquerware, so that you can enjoy the food with your eyes, too.

You can also enjoy Matcha and traditional Japanese sweets (namagashi: confectionary with high water content) and also experience how to make matcha green tea by yourself.

Through our food experience, we hope you become more curious and explorative about how Japanese people have utilized the climate and natural features of each part of Japan and handed down their wisdom and skills to generations.